Understand how house prices will develop in ANY area

propintel uses clever machine learning techniques to make two-year forecasts for house prices and shows how regional demographics have changed.

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Make informed home purchase decisions with smart analytical tools

A home purchase is one of the most important decisions a person will make, so why make the decision with no knowledge of how house prices or regional demographics will evolve?

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Why use propintel?

Each area of the UK is different and filled with nuances. So an area in Cambridge can be expected to have a different characteristic to one in London. propintel helps you locate the best area to make your home purchase decision.

propintel is free to use and comes with excellent charting tools. Improvements are made each month to ensure you have the best platform.


What can you analyse?

Interested in knowing how house prices have changed and are expected to change? Want to find out if the crime rate is rising or falling in an area? Itching to see how schools compare between different areas?

propintel helps you understand how these important factors have been changing over time and between other areas.

How does it work?

House prices and crime rates are calculated using powerful machine learning algorithms. With these state of the art methods, we estimate their figures for each region. Two year forecasts are subsequently generated. A series of tests and validations are made to ensure that the forecasts are consistent.

Data is sourced from publicly available statistical agencies and is updated monthly.



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